Donald Trump Meets with Opioid Addiction Experience

Donald Trump Meets with Opioid Addiction Experience

Donald Trump Meets with Opioid Addiction Experience

In an effort to combat opioid abuse, Donald Trump met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and members of the vast community of people addicted to opioids.

The Attorney General is known for his hard stance on drug use and punishment, not usually advocating for drug rehab centers to alleviate the problem. He has condoned for harsher sentencing and enforcing of drug abuse laws. This meeting may be a chance to open his eyes to the more sensitive side of substance use disorders and show him the need for addiction treatment centers and the hard working people who are employed in them.

Governor Chris Christie, who hails from the opioid ridden state of New Jersey, comes to the meeting with a more sympathetic approach. He recently acknowledged that drug addiction is an epidemic and a disease. This may also be a chance for Christie to gain some ground with his constituents, as he has been under fire for a political scandals including strang punishment for lawmakers in New Jersey who did not support his bid for re-election.

President Donald Trump has been very vocal about ending the drug addiction epidemic, but has always equated the epidemic to drug trafficking, which is inconsistent with research findings. This meeting may also be a way for Trump to learn about the characteristics of the opioid epidemic and look for solutions. While his passion seems to be in the right place on this particular issue, the solutions and reasons he believes to be true for opioid abuse have been misguided. Though Trump has put forward a budget that cuts Health and Human Services, he is asking for additional funding to combat opioid addiction specifically.

The lawmakers met with survivors of the opioid crisis in order to understand the problem and to look for solutions. This meeting will hopefully enlighten the lawmakers and promote awareness and healing for everyone who is struggling with addiction. With much of his support coming from places stricken by the opioid epidemic, Donald Trump should make good on his promise to fight the issue head on with focused, structured, and empathetic treatment. Only time will time if he has the the foresight to work on this problem in constructive and reasonable ways. If Donald Trump and the others listen carefully to the people who have experienced this kind of turmoil, they will surely come up with decent and effective solutions.

The only sure-fire solution is attending a substance abuse treatment center and working on treatment in a dual diagnosis mental health setting. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, whether it’s opioid addiction or a dependence on another drug, Intervention Association is here for you to provide the kind of addiction treatment you need. Please don’t hesitate to call, our trained and experienced professionals are standing by to guide you through the process of intake, assessment, detox, long-term rehabilitation, and aftercare. You won’t regret the day you took back your life, call Intervention Association today.

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