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Substance abuse can manifest a variety of problems in your life. It can lead to the deterioration of grooming habits, disturb healthy sleeping patterns, and cause serious health problems like weight fluctuation, heart and breathing problems, and death. Don’t let drugs and alcohol take over your life; you can regain control. Pensacola, Florida Intervention Drug Rehab Associate wants to see to it that you or your loved one successfully leaves addiction in the past, allowing you to move forward in life. Get in touch with our compassionate network of providers today to begin the discussion on addiction recovery treatment.
Our addiction recovery facility finds that our dual diagnosis approach to treating addiction is effective, and in return, patients are able to maintain their sobriety for longer periods of time when compared to detox alone. Intervention Drug Rehab Pensacola, Florida identifies the physical and mental aspects that occur after prolonged periods of substance abuse, addressing addiction comprehensively. Your case manager and counselors will work hard to get to know you and the history and severity of your addiction, so that we may administer personalized, effective recovery treatment specific to your needs. No two individuals experience addiction the same, so it only makes sense to administer treatment that is unique to each and every patients’ needs and past.
Our medically administered detox allows you or your loved one to get sober without facing withdrawals. By using stabilizing medications, you can relax as a physician induces your detox, monitoring throughout for progress, comfort and safety. Detox is a necessary aspect of the recovery process because it lets your mind signal your body that it is no longer reliant on drugs and alcohol. Pensacola Intervention Drug Rehab Association removes the discomfort from addiction, so you don’t need to fear the recovery process any longer.
Sober living is recommended for patients to stay in after they are sober so that they can become accustom to living in a healthy environment free from substance abuse. While in Intervention Drug Rehab Pensacola, Florida’s treatment center, you or your loved one has access to our positive coping mechanisms, which help patients return to cognitive control over emotional responses to temptation. These practices include meditation, exercise, 12 step programs, group therapy, and one on one counseling. Learning to rely on positive coping mechanisms instead of substance abuse will help you or your loved one transition from relying on the treatment center and providers for strength in sobriety, to relying on themselves.
Pensacola Intervention Drug Rehab Association finds that providing patients with avenues to success while in treatment is a very successful tool for helping patients maintain lasting sobriety after their treatment. While in your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan, you or your loved one can work with case managers and counselors at any time to practice simulated interviews, or to get help updating and revising your resume. Study hours and budgeting practice are other activities offered to promote our patients’ success in sobriety.
In order to administer personalized, effective treatment to each and every patients, Pensacola, Florida Intervention Drug Rehab implements rolling enrollment periods. Keeping the facility at a low capacity allows our providers to administer care and our broad spectrum of services to you whenever you need it.
Don’t let addiction control your life any longer. Intervention Drug Rehab _____ has the tools and providers to get you to a better, safer, sober place in your life. Take the time to get you or your loved one away from drugs and alcohol, and you won’t regret it.



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