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Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida is filled with caring individuals ready to help you or your loved one suffering from addiction. Our network of providers offer care for the mind, body, and soul through a dual diagnosis approach which has been proven by countless individuals to produce positive results. Let us extend the same opportunity to you. We promise to provide you with individualized care that meets your needs, and specific addiction history. With our professional detox and rehabilitation facility, sobriety can be achieved and maintained. All you are required to do is call. Take this chance and ask for help, we guarantee you will not regret making this choice.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida will require you to answer a few questions administered to you by one of our experienced case managers. Once the case manager assigned to you has a better understanding of your addiction history, you will then be assigned to either a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida does not operate like other normal detox centers. We operate utilizing a method of approach we refer to as dual diagnosis. With this approach patients enrolled at our facility undergo therapy and assessments for physical and psychological side effects. Targeting both the physical and psychological side effects helps us accurately treat your addiction according to your specific needs.

As many hear the word detox, they become hesitant on continuing their healing process. Patients at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida no longer need to fear that part of the healing process as we also operate detox differently compared to other rehabilitation facilities. Normally facilities would remove drugs entirely as their method of detox would commonly be referred to as, “cold turkeyed”. With this method many patients experience withdrawal symptoms which result to pain and discomfort as your body adapts without having drugs in the system. Our physicians and nurses at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida ensure that you avoid symptoms of withdrawals. Your detox will be medically administered with stabilizing medications that are non-addictive in order to ease the transition process.

After you have detoxed we want you to continue making progress at one of our many sober living facilities. Positive coping mechanisms are taught and offered openly in our Intensive Outpatient Care. You have the option to participate in one on one counseling, group therapy, meditation, exercise and much more. Anytime you are experiencing temptation or distress you are able to utilize these positive coping mechanisms to help regain your self control. Intervention Drug Rehab Association doesn’t stop there, as we also offer professional preparation services in order to help you regain an occupational position outside of our facility, or within it. We will host simulated interviews, offer resume building sessions, budgeting practice, and much more. You will regain structure and self-control practicing these methods.

Join Intervention Drug Rehab Association Miami Beach, Florida today! We are prepared to assist you back into a sober lifestyle effectively and discreetly. Don’t hesitate any longer so you can receive care from kindhearted professionals.



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