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Are you looking for a drug rehab facility for yourself or someone you love? Intervention Drug Rehab Association Coral Gables is an addiction treatment center that offers both a medically induced detox as well as a relapse prevention program. Our network of providers is dedicated to journeying with you down the road to recovery and beyond. We create individualized custom treatment programs for each of our clients, based on their severity of addiction. The length of treatment can last 30, 60, or 90 days depending on your substance abuse history. This will be determined with a case manager when you first arrive at treatment.

Our dual diagnosis programs at Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Coral Gables, have fostered the recovery of innumerable clients, and we would like for you to be next. The illness of addiction causes many side effects, both mental and physical, throughout extended periods of substance abuse. By treating both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction, our therapists and physicians are able to target your disease at its source. We keep our client count low in order to be able to offer you the maximum amount of care. Low capacity ensures that you will have access to comprehensive care and our wide array of services. Our client to staff ratio is almost 1:1. You will truly have the most personalized treatment plan available.

The first step in your addiction treatment program with Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Coral Gables, will be to undergo medically induced detox. We know that the idea of withdrawals can be enough to derail some individuals from recovery. Because of this, our physicians prescribe and administer regulated medication to ensure your recovery process is peaceful and relaxing. You will not be in any pain as all foreign and addictive substances are removed from your body. Detox is important at the beginning of recovery, because it causes your brain to let your body know that it is no longer reliant upon regular substance abuse.

After successfully completing detox, you will move into our sober living accommodations with others who are living in recovery. Intervention Addiction Treatment, Coral Gables’s luxurious sober housing facilities are certain to inspire restoration and healing in your life. Our network of providers will facilitate relapse prevention practices and positive coping mechanisms that are intended to replace substance abuse during times of emotional distress and difficult situations. We know that addiction affects people in different ways, and we are also aware that addiction replacements work differently for people as well. Our counselors and case managers are committed to helping you discover which positive practices work well for you.

Counseling, 12 step programs, lavish amenities like 24 hour fitness centers and private chefs, drug and alcohol education, professional preparation services, and off-site outings are all included in your personalized addiction treatment program at Intervention Drug Rehab, Coral Gables. We know that it can be difficult to reach out for help, but we would love to extend our services to you or someone you care about. Give us a call today, to get help for tomorrow.



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