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Struggling with addiction can cause you to feel at a loss entirely. It almost seems as if sobriety is impossible to reach when you are suffering from addiction, however change is possible. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida we provide you with the correct methods of approach, treatment, and support. Making the decision to restore your body from addiction is also difficult, and sometimes it is the most difficult part of recovery. Once you make that decision to reach out for help, the rest of your worries no longer have to cause you any stress because our network of providers will take care of everything for you. Call one of our case managers today so you can receive the correct methods of treatment you deserve.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida treats each patient with personalized care. There is not a single treatment method that works for everyone, which is why we take each patient with a case by case basis. Everyone’s needs are different, and at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida we offer a customized treatment plan to treat your addiction history and severity. In order to begin your personalized treatment we will have you enter our facility through a balanced, rolling enrollment plan. Patients are only admitted based on a low client intake so you may receive the maximum care and attention you deserve. You will then discuss and answer a few questions with one of our compassionate case managers. Once your case manager has a better understanding of your addiction history and severity he or she will then choose between a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan for you.

Treatment is extensive, and needs more than just a detox to treat the patient. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida provides a method of approach we refer to as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is comprehensive, and different as we will treat you or your loved one for physical dependency on drugs and alcohol, which is then followed by rehabilitating your thought patterns that lead to substance abuse. Our physicians, nurses, counselors, and psychiatrists are highly experienced, and specialized in identifying both the physical and psychological ailments rooting from drug or alcohol abuse. With collected scientific evidence that has been vigorously tested, dual diagnosis has been proven to show positive results.

Our primary concern is you at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida. We feel that you should be relieved of stress as much as possible which is why we offer a variety of luxurious accommodations other rehabilitation facilities are lacking. Transportation can be a concern for many, but here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida you don’t have to worry. Our network of providers will provide transportation for you at no cost.

Our network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association Tampa, Florida no longer want you to feel at a loss. Let us provide you with the key tools that can help you unlock the door of sobriety. Change is possible, you just have to call.



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