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If you’re reading this, you’ve taken the crucial first step of a lifelong journey. Intervention substance abuse recovery facility Jacksonville, FL, is glad that you’re serious about getting clean, and we can help.

Substance abuse is a brain disease that can rarely be managed without professional care. Many users have a strong desire to reclaim their lives, but they just can’t summon the courage to go through withdrawal.

Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Jacksonville, FL, we understand that very well. If detox is needed, a doctor will administer medication to ease pain and unpleasant symptoms. Your condition will be monitored at all times. Our providers are experienced in addiction treatment and qualified to offer emotional support. Good sleep and a fresh supply of nutrients will round out the detox process.

Every addict and every addiction is different. That’s why we take the time and effort to get to know you as a unique individual. Our counselors will thoroughly evaluate your health history and current mental state. They’ll uncover sources of stress in your home life and work environment. A traumatic event in your past – divorce, violence or sexual abuse – may have triggered your struggle with substance abuse. Addiction goes hand in hand with other mental problems, so those will be explored. You may have anxiety or depression as well.

All these factors will be considered together, and your team will devise an addiction treatment program that addresses your needs. The length of your stay will depend on how long you’ve been using and the severity of your problem. Throughout your 30, 60 or 90 days with us, you’ll have your very own case manager and individual therapist. That personal attention enables us to help you define your goals, monitor your progress and promptly address your setbacks. We intentionally keep our plans flexible, and we can tweak your therapy if a different approach might be more effective.

Behavioral therapy, one method with a proven track record of success, takes place in one-on-one sessions. Your reasons for using drugs or alcohol will be teased out and analyzed. With the help of your therapist, you’ll start to recognize the circumstances that trip you up. You’ll learn better ways of coping with fear, loneliness, anger or unpleasant surprise. “Negative” emotions are a part of life; they can even be useful if you respond to them in healthy ways.

Family counseling is available for clearing the air and repairing damaged relationships. Sessions are monitored by professionals who are used to staying levelheaded when emotions run high.

The value of peer group meetings can’t be overstated. Members in all stages of recovery have a safe place to let off steam, share strategies for avoiding relapse and celebrate progress with others. The common goal of staying sober accounts for the closeness of peer groups.

In long-term recovery, you’ll continue to meet with other addicts who are healing. Members who have stayed sober for long periods of time mentor newcomers. The idea is to build a strong network of support. No one can navigate this path alone, and people who stay in recovery relapse less often.

Since we have such a broad range of network providers to draw from, we offer comprehensive care. Yoga and a variety of other exercise classes are offered. You’ll receive nutritional advice. There are plenty of outdoor sports and activities to choose from. Group outings to parks, shopping centers or movies will help you adjust to socializing without drugs. We also give you time to yourself for reading, meditating or attending religious services.

Don’t lose another job, relationship or day of your life to addiction. You’ve taken the first step, and we hope you’ll take the second. Please contact the professionals at Intervention addiction treatment center Jacksonville, FL.



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